Monthly Archives: June 2014

So how much risk can a contamination really be?

Today an article appeared in The Sun in the UK about a KFC store where a customer recently bought a crumbed and then deep fried cleaning cloth. Understandably the customer is more than a little angry. In itself, this anger is bad enough as, we all know, unhappy customers talk to a lot of people…
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Labels are there to give information

Labels on food packaging is all about information. It is information required by law, information for the customer / consumer and information for the business. All this information has to fit into the space available on the package in a way that can be easily read. To meet these three requirements for information is not…
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So what do all these words on the label mean?

Came across this great article from well known Nutritionist, Catherine Saxelby, and thought I'd copy it into this blog for you. She sends this sort of brilliant information in her regular newsletter, and on her website - Foodwatch. Foodwatch Dietary Dictionary! Inulin or insulin – it’s all in that ‘s’ Inulin is a type of carbohydrate that we…
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