Monthly Archives: July 2014

To eat beef or not to eat beef, that is the sustainability question?

Many people love their steaks and probably could not imagine a world without being able to tuck into one every so often. It is widely acknowledged that weight for weight insects have more protein than most current meat sources, but could these same people see them selves tucking into a plate full of garlic fried…
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So when is too much too much

So if the instructions on the cleaning chemical says to use a certain amount, then it does a much better job if you add more, right??? Well, let's look at that; Using more will mean that each cleaning task will cost more proportionally Using more will mean that you have to buy that chemical more…
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So why do some confuse recycling with reusing?

This image is courtesy of The Waste Hierarchy is how we , both businesses and homes, should consider waste, with the very last option being to dispose. This image effectively shows which of the seven steps are better  for the environment and for our wallets / budgets. AVOID Simply not having packaging material or…
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