Monthly Archives: October 2014

How safe is your food – rice?

Rice is consumed on a daily basis by probably more people than any other food on Earth, but is it safe? Food safety Although it may be a surprise to many people, cooked rice (and pasta) is what is known as a potentially hazardous food. This means that if it is not handled properly it…
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Global Handwashing Day 2014

15 October marks Global Handwashing Day each year, and for 2014 the theme is “Choose handwashing, choose health”. The goals for this year are; Handwashing is a choice everyone can make multiple times a day. When people choose to wash hands with soap, they choose to create a healthier environment for all. Good hygiene practices…
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So how safe is -Chocolate?

Food safety As chocolate has a low moisture content most moulds and food poisoning bacteria will not grow in or on it. So chocolate is actually a very safe food. However when chocolate contains dairy or any of the other food allergens, then there are food safety issues involved. Manufacturers need to ensure that the chocolate…
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