Are eggs all they’re cracked up to be?

So why are eggs continuing to be the number one food involved in food poisonings in Australia?

IT happens in businessTwo Fried Eggs Served with Steak and Toast

That question is probably not top of mind in the 110 people, at least, in South East Queensland who are now  a part of what looks like one of the biggest food poisoning outbreaks in that state's history.

It looks like a favourite in Chinese restaurants, deep fried ice cream, may be the culprit in this case. It is the eggs used in the batter to make this popular product that are looking like the cause of this Salmonella outbreak.

So even if those feeling the symptoms currently are not thinking about eggs right now, health authorities and food safety specialist are certainly trying to figure out why eggs continue to be the number one food involved in food poisonings in Australia.

IT happens at home as well

The 30 people who attended a family function on Christmas Day and went home with food poisoning as a present were also not thinking about the eggs that went into the mayonnaise used in their salads.

So it is not only happening in food businesses, but in our homes as well!!!!

In other countries, it is usually some form of meat that takes the top spot but in this country, eggs have maintained the number one place as the cause for food poisoning for several years now.


So why?

What are we doing wrong in businesses, and at home, that causes our fellow Aussies to get sick after eating products made from the humble and amazing egg?

We now have tight food safety laws for eggs across the country and still we get sick - so what is going on????

The answer is actually simple, people don't think.

How do we stop IT?

In a food business, we must only use eggs from  suppliers who meet the required food safety standards and should never use cracked eggs in raw foods, no matter how much cheaper the eggs are.

At home we have to;

  • use eggs from reputable suppliers,
  • never use cracked eggs,
  • keep the products they are in cold (eg in mayonnaise) or hot
  • keep everything clean (including our hands).

Eggs are an excellent source of nutrients and we should all eat them regularly but they are a perfect food for bacteria to grow in and must be treated with the respect that all similar potentially hazardous foods require.

Salmonella 2

So at the end of the day, why do eggs continue to be the number one cause of food poisoning in Australia?

It is because people are not thinking about what they are doing.

For a great poster about the Top Ten Causes of Food Poisoning, that you can put up at work or even pass onto any community groups you are involved in, email me at and tell me about your food poisoning story - whether it was from eggs or not.


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