So how much coffee do we drink?

According to research done by Roy Morgan, 41 percent of Australians (or seven million of us) buy instant coffee on average every month. One brand dominates this market with more than half the sales.

The results show that the purchasers of the largest selling brand (Nescafe) are more likely to be female, older and in a lower socio-economic group. The second selling brand at 10 percent (Moccona) has higher educated purchasers with more income.

A few other Australian coffee facts;

- In 1949, we drank 3.2 L of tea and 0.2L coffee each on average, in 2006 this had changed dramatically to 4L coffee and 0.8L tea. Yes, four litres on average per person!!!!!!!

- We drink about 1 billion cups of coffee outside the home every year and of this 480 million are cappuccinos

- We drink around 5 billion cups of coffee a year across the country, and 80 percent is instant.

- There are around 60-80mg of caffeine per cup of instant coffee and this can go as high as 120mg with plunger / percolated coffee

- These are the commonly served types of coffee - espresso, double espresso, long black, macchiato, large macchiato, piccolo, latte,flat white, cappuccino,affogato, babycino and soy and skim versions of them.

- There are national and international Barrista Contests and Australians usually do very well.

- The first cappuccino machine in Australia was probably seen on Lygon St in melbourne in 1953.

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