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Food Allergens – what are they and why should we be worried?

An allergen is something that causes an allergic reaction in people. The reaction can be as simple as a tingling of the lips to hives to full anaphylaxis. The worse situation is when the trachea (wind pipe) closes and will not allow for the movement of air, this can result in death - it is…
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Food allergens – what are they?

May is my Food Allergen Month and so there are a series of allergen related articles on my site. The first is a simple breakdown of what a food allergen is and which foods are considered as allergens in Australia, as well as why they are an issue for all of us. Thene there is…
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Tis the season to be jolly not sick

As it is the Festive Season I have done an article summarising some of the key things that we can do at home and at parties to not give food poisoning as an unintended present this year. The list is based on the Food Safety Information Council’s main theme of Cook, Chill, Clean and Separate.…
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