Foodie Friday – interesting how things really only change when there is pressure

It is human nature, we will happily go along doing what we have always done without making any change, because it’s simply just comfortable and safe.This certainly applies in most food businesses, unless there is a reason why it doesn’t.

I have heard it said that most people really don’t like change. However I have also heard that the only constant thing is change.

So if people don’t like change but it is happening all the time, what does this mean?

It is like this, people like things that are constant but they also like a challenge.

Change is the challenge. There really is no such thing in a food business as the "same as” all the time. There are new customers, new menu items, new equipment, new people, new bosses, new owners – all of which is change.

Businesses that are set up to allow and encourage constant small changes and improvements are the ones that will be sustainable and grow into the future. This starts with the owner and works it way down to all the staff and then the methods used within the business.

However, dramatic change only really happens within a food business if there has been a major problem or new owner. As an example, a food poisoning will create significant change in a business in terms of food safety, and a huge water or electricty bill will mean there will be new ways of doing things straight away.

If a business is constantly reviewing and measuring, there will most likely never be a dramatic event and no need for huge change all at once and the discontent that often results. This will make a business more stable and a happier place for staff to work, with increased productivity and profits.

So food businesses that want to be successful need to be reviewing and changing constantly.

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