Foodie Friday – My Happy New Year gift to you

Well, it is the end of 2012-13 financial year today and, as food businesses, we are either running around tidying everything up to get it finished for the year or coolly looking toward the next 12 months and beyond. I decided as a business to have all the financial stuff done by Monday and have been able to spend this week doing a review of my business and what I want it to do in the next year.

I have been attending a lot of webinars and podcasts to learn as much as I can about how to help as many people as possible with both food safety and sustainability. One of the things I have learnt is that I need to give away as much of my knowledge as possible for free, because it is just good karma. So have decided that I am going to give away my Food Safety Induction for free.

Recently a client asked me to source a food safety training DVD for them to use for their staff induction. This particular business has a large turnover so conventional scheduled induction is not suitable, so a DVD that can be put on as needed was their only alternative (until now). This DVD cost them $450.

Other businesses do food safety as part of the total induction and as a result it is likely to be quick and probably not consistent every time. My FREE Food Safety Induction is done by a specialist (ME) and costs you absolutely nothing. It will mean everyone gets the same information everytime as a starting point to their working with you and your business.

My FREE Food Safety Induction is now available for everyone to use and I will be running it three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am (Brisbane time). It runs for 70 minutes and covers all the basics of food safety, including; why food safety is important, potentially hazardous foods, high risk groups,temperatures and time, stock rotation, food allergens, cleaning, pest control, Contamination and Cross contamination, the three types of hazards, personal hygiene and handwashing – and much much more.

You just need to register to attend , so I know who is coming along, and then sit your new people in front of a computer with speakers. There is even an opportunity for them to ask me questions by email, if they have any (you don’t get that with a DVD !!!!)

It is now available now to everyone for FREE and runs three times a week, you just need to register below for one of the days that works for you. There will even be an email sent to remind you the induction is about to start.

It is my HAPPY NEW YEAR gift to you

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