Food Safety Training – a trainers perspective

Whenever people do any type of training they have varying motivates for doing
so. This seems to be the case, regardless of the nature of the training.

Some are doing it because they are engrossed in the subject matter, are passionate
about their industry or feel they want to increase their skills and knowledge
in a specialised field.

And some people do training because they have to.

In our 20 years teaching & training experience we at Train to Gain have
encountered the full spectrum of people seeking Food Safety training and while
at times it has been challenging it has very rarely been boring.

I have been asked on more than one occasion 'Whats the best bit about running a
business that specialises in Food Safety training?

Depending on the day the answer may vary in degrees, but undoubtedly the most
interesting and rewarding part of my day to day job role is listening to and
helping people with their requests.

These requests are primarily about information and due to this I have
discovered that one of the most important aspects of running a successful
business that helps people to get what they need (regardless of the field) is
to continually   educate myself with what is happening in my field
and in the business world as a whole.

A wise person once said to me that 'information is power' and this has never
been more accurate in todays world where we have access to millions of pieces
of information at an ever increasing speed.

The feedback that I continually get after talking to people in and out of
business is that many of us don't have the time to research what is going on
out there due to the fact we are too busy running our daily lives!

So what is the answer?

Do we cut back on what we are doing at work and spend a portion of our week
researching what the rest of the world are doing? This sounds great but what
about when spot fires need to be put out and the real world comes banging on
our window of opportunity to expand our knowledge?

Do we cut back on the amount of time we spend on Social Media (apart from the
time spent reading this blog of course!) and devote that time to checking out
what is happening out there? Sounds great but then where will we get our dose
of cute (and Grumpy) cats, healthy recipes and Farmville requests from our
friends on the world wide web?

Maybe the answer lies in that old saying 'everything in moderation?'

Maybe we CAN wean ourselves from the daily habits we currently engage in and
start to engage ourselves and our brains in a different manner and on different

I would love to hear what YOU the reader think about these ideas, as I am
always looking for suggestions to these kind of scenarios plus a conversation
is kinda boring if it's just one person doing all the talking…….

Thanks for taking the time out to read this, I realise how precious your time
is and I appreciate you spending it here.

This guest blog was written by Brendan Bolton, Director of Train to Gain. His
website is

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