Ongoing support for all Food Safety Supervisors is now available

So Food Safety Supervisors have to have specific training to be recognised in that role, this means going to a Registered Training Organisation and doing a course. Once assessed, they receive a Certificate from the RTO and then they register with their local council.

Now they are a recognised FSS but are they keeping up to date with food safety? The answer is generally no.

The New South Wales Food Authority requires that all FSS in that state must do a refresher every three years, but this requirement is not in place in any other state or territory at this stage. However  are those FSS in NSW keeping up to date in the time between their refreshers, once again the answer is most likely to be  no.

Ok, so  how can a FSS keep up to date either between their refreshers or on an ongoing basis?

The answer is The FSS Club.

The FSS Club will provide members with fortnightly (or more often) emails with useful information or food safety related documents that can be used immediately in their businesses.

Members will also be able to talk with other FSS in the private Facebook page, so if they have any issues they want help with they can talk to like minded people. No business names are to be used in the conversations or on the page to protect the privacy of the members' businesses.

All members will also have the opportunity  if they have a specific food safety problem to email me directly and I will help them with it by email until it has been solved. This will be handled in strictest confidence to protect the member's business. This would be worth $110 (including GST) per hour on it's own, but it is included at no charge as part of The FSS Club membership.

So what is all this ongoing support  and updating worth? The value is hard to guess as what price do you put on support and solving problems?

The price though is just $10 a month, paid as an annual fee of $120.

So the question really is this - is it worth just $10 per month for a business to keep it's FSS up to date with food safety? I would say the answer to that is yes.

As an extra bonus, each member of The FSS club can do an Annual FSS Refresher, with the 50% members discount, at only $110 (incl. GST). This is a 1.5 hour session that will recalibrate each Food Safety Supervisor for the year and is done via Skype or the phone at a time and date that works for the individual.

So where do you sign up your FSS - right here


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