Latest advertising complaint highlights importance of being careful and thorough

An advertisement showing a loaf of bread telling a man with a sun burnt face that he is a " shiny shiny lobster face" and is "pink as a little lamb cutlet", has recently been submitted to the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) for bullying.

The ASB has dismissed the complaint saying that it did not breach the Advertising Code of Ethics.

The intent of the ad was to show that using sunscreen, and particularly the Aldi brand, stops sunburn from happening when used as per directions.

If this ad had been pulled from use, there may also have been fines.

This case highlights the importance of ensuring that all issues like bullying have been considered when designing and producing not only advertisements but also product labelling.

It is not just a case of throwing something together that looks good and running with it, a food business must make sure that all that it does, including advertising and labelling, meets both legal and social requirements and expectations.





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