The Green Food Safety Guide: Water


Ideas for food businesses to save money, help the environment and keep their food and staff safe.

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Water is used in food businesses for;

  • Cleaning
  • Transfer and other processing
  • Staff drinking
  • Toilets, showers and sinks
  • An ingredient

Water is therefore a key part of a food business, and the majority purchase it from their local council. These councils charge each business per kilolitre (1000 litres) of water that goes into the business. It therefore, makes economic sense to reduce the amount of water being used by a business. This is water management. There are, however, some food businesses who do not have reticulated water and supply their own from tanks, dams and bores. Although they do not purchase the water from their local councils, there are still costs associated with water usage. These include; electricity to operate pumps, as well as purchasing extra water if there are problems. So reducing water usage through water management is still a cost saving for these businesses as well.

This Guide will help all food business better manage water to reduce costs and whilst helping the environment.

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