Five ways to change staff habits – No 3

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So why do I want to change staff habits?

What good will it do me, them or the business? Why would I bother?

The answer is simple - a happy workplace is a more productive business with increased sales and profits.

In the second of this series we worked out the important question of "what's in it for me?' and why that is the key to changing bad habits into good habits. In the first in this series we worked out why it is essential to start the whole process by working out what the actual problem is.

Today we're going to have a look at the next important step in changing staff habits and improving your business.


How to change staff habits - different folks different strokes

Everyone learns in different ways and if you use a way which doesn't work for a person, your efforts will be poor and there will be a cost for no real benefit. Don't ever think that just by putting your staff into a training room with a trainer that the training has been successful and that the staff have learnt what they need to learn.

Food Safety Training Group at Caddies Sept 2012

What sort of techniques can I use?

Some people learn best by seeing things for themselves, others need to read to learn, others are all about hearing.

Some like Powerpoint presentations, others need to actually do the task repeatedly, some need to watch others doing it and still others need to sit in a classroom with a teacher / trainer.

To change a bad habit into a good habit, you need to find the best way to help each person learn to make that change.

Often a combination of different training / teaching techniques will get the best result.

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Let's use an example

So let's look at our example situation of the staff just not washing their hands properly when they first enter the kitchen.

Obviously the hand washing technique will be a key part of the retraining needed to get this habit changed but how that will be done will vary depending upon the individual staff member.

Some will learn the new habit by doing the hand washing themselves, some will do fine with just reading the technique in a procedure, others will need to see evidence like pictures to prove that hand washing is important. You need to find the right technique to get the best result with each person.


So how do I change staff habits and make my business better?

  1.  work out what the actual problem is
  2.  work out where we want to be and what habit needs changing - "what's in it for me???"
  3. work out what methods you need to use to change the habit

So now you know what the problem is, the habit that actually needs changing and you've worked out the ways you can use to get that habit changed.

What's next?

In the fourth in this series, we'll get into the actual training

Anyway, that's enough for now

Catch you next time


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