A simple way to see how sustainable your business is – are you a 5 Star?

Have developed a simple to understand way for a business to measure it’s current sustainability and to set goals for improvement.

Many people do not really understand what sustainability actually means, so this new and simple single star rating will allow businesses of all sorts to make it much clearer to all. A single number is easy for people to understand and will make promoting sustainability much easier.

As sustainability is about the Triple Bottom Line of finance, social and environment, this simple rating system allows businesses to use the key measurement for each part to determine it’s Sustainability Star Rating.

By dividing the daily profit for the business by it’s daily Carbon Footprint and then multiplying that figure by the Social Impact Score, a business can work out whether it is a 5 Star in terms of sustainability or not.

This rating can be used by the business to easily show staff and it’s other stakeholders how well it is performing in terms of sustainability as well as inspiring a desire to improve the rating.

It is similar to the Scores on Doors process used for food safety, which results in a rating of one of five stars and the business can then display the result to show how well it is doing in being sustainable. Obviously the higher the number of stars the more sustainable the business is.

The Sustainability Star Rating is only available through the Green Food Safety Coach, and is also done for each business as part of their 10 / 10 Sustainability Assessment. For more information contact The Green Food Safety Coach at anyi@howsafeisyourfood.com.au

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