Increasing costs means new ways of doing things

With electricity bills making their way through the mail here in South East Queensland, food businesses should be looking long and hard at ways this expense can be reduced. With increasing wages and material costs, finding ways to reduce energy use is just good business.

Before working at what can be done to reduce these bills, businesses really need to work out what electricity is really costing them.There is a saying that  you cannot solve a problem until you know what it is. This is very true when it comes to the problem of reducing electricity expenses.

Traditionally this overall cost has always been seen as just a financial cost, but the reality is that electricity costs a business far more than that. These costs include impact on the environment and reduced productivity, amongst many others.

I have a brand new webinar that explains where our electricity actually comes from and the costs and benefits  to business and society of each of them.

It then details the three costs associated with energy; financial, environmental and social and why measurement of them is essential to every business.

The webinar then discusses the importance of reducing energy use before an alternative energy source is found and used. There are several reduction methods discussed, from simple to ones requiring investment.

This webinar is a must for all food businesses, and is based on The Green Food Safety Guide - Energy, which I give away for free to those attending the webinar. This Guide includes everything a food business needs to know to reduce it's electricity costs whilst ensuring both safey and food safety requirements are met.

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