Reducing travel reduces fuel reduces costs

A recent article in Aus Food News has highlighted that online grocery buying will reduce the expenses of an average family , whilst also significantly reducing carbon emissions and therefore a lower Carbon Footprint.

Research done by the Oregon Department of Transportation shows that the delivery trucks produce up to 75 percent less CO2 emissions than if personal cars did the usual shopping trip.

Obviously the trucks have to be filled to capacity and delivering to customers in a common area.

The AusFoodNews article can be found here

I made a business decision at the beginning of this year that if I am going to be advising other businesses on methods to reduce their Carbon Footprint and save money, I should practice what I preach.

Therefore I  am now doing only one trip out per week and setting up as much of my business as possible on line to reduce my travel and fuel usage.

This has resulted in an 80% reduction in my business's Carbon Footprint and when servicing, fuel,  tyre replacement and maintenance is combined, I have saved more than $1500 in vehicle expenses in just six months.

Helping the environment and saving money whilst you do it, is not difficult but it does require a change in how business is done and the ownership of the whole process by all in the business. The savings are there, as can be seen by both the research above and,even, my own situation.

If you want to learn how to help the environment and saving money doing it, your business will need to have a Sustainability Assessment done.

By carefully investigating how a business currently uses energy, vehicles and water and manages waste and it's staff comfort, an assessor can then determine cost effective ways to reduce both the expenses and the environmental impact from this usage and mangement. This is the Sustainability Assessment.

I offer a guarantee to all who contact me about a Sustainability Assessment. With my 10 / 10 Business Sustainability Assessments - you pay nothing at all if I cannot find at least 10 ways to save money in your business or a minimum of $10000 in savings. It is RISK FREE and your get the Report and bonuses to keep whatever happens.

To arrange your risk free 10 / 10 Business Sustainability Assessment, email me (Rachelle)

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