Why sustainability is crucial to your business.

Going the same direction"In 2015, sustainability will become a key part of every job description"  -  a quote from Ellen Weinreb in an article in The Guardian on 8 January 2015.

Ellen is the founder of the Weinreb Group, which is an international specialised sustainability and corporate social responsibility executive search firm. She and her staff spend every day helping companies find just the right people to be responsible for sustainability  and being a good corporate citizen.

She is an expert in the importance and impact of sustainability on and for business and if she believes that this year is when sustainability becomes a key part of all job descriptions, then it is most likely going to happen.

So the question obviously is - is sustainability a key part of the job description for each of your staff? And if not, why not?

So what is sustainability?

It seems to be a word that is just thrown around about being "green", and many have just "got over it". However,these people need to wake up and realise that without it their business will not have a future.

The businesses and their owners have to realise that sustainability is not just about being green, it is about growing the business.

There are many definitions and a lot of them are full of big words and mumbo jumbo, but what it really means is this - "doing the right thing by the business, the staff, the suppliers, the customers, the community and the environment whilst looking to the future".

So it really should already be part of the job descriptions and the way the business works anyway, shouldn't it?

The problem is this - most businesses only see as far as the next  year, or even only the next month (depending upon the business), and it takes a major change within the business to start it and it's staff thinking sustainably.

It is about having a big picture and working on the small details to get there.

Down my road

The change  has to come from the top and be accepted and taken on by all staff, or it will not happen successfully. Businesses have to change the way they think and this will change the way they does things - and the business becomes sustainable.

Job descriptions, and including sustainability in them is only part of the big story, but it is an important part, because it means that the business at all levels has recognised that  sustainability has to be everyone's responsibility and they will be measured against the goals that have been set.

It is an accepted and documented fact, businesses that absorb the whole idea of "doing the right thing"  will grow and become better and bigger businesses. There are businesses after businesses that have found ongoing success by "doing the right thing", and every business, regardless of it's size, can also do it.

So if  "doing the right thing" is not already a part of your business, what are you going to do about it?

What you need first is a Sustainability Assessment to work out what you are already doing and what you need to do to become sustainable.

I would like to offer you  my Top Ten Sustainability Assessment.

The deal is this, if I do a Sustainability Assessment on your business and only find 10 or less things your business can do to become sustainable, then you pay me nothing and you still get to get keep the Assessment Report (valued at $1000) . But, if I find more than 10 things your business can do, then I have really helped and you agree to invest in the full Top Ten Sustainability Pack.

It is no risk and you get at least 10 things that your business can do to dramatically improve it's sustainability. In one Assessment for a Top Ten Pack recently, I found 19 ways that client could improve their sustainability, several of them contributed to over $30000 in water savings.


The full Sustainability Pack includes the following, and it will not only find what you need to do to be sustainable, but includes everything you need to set up your whole sustainability program and change your business for ever;

  • Assessment and Report - with at least 10 things you can do to improve the sustainability (and improve your bottom line) of your business
  • Sustainability Induction / Training- as both a Powerpoint and a Video
  • A set of 10 eBooks showing hundreds of methods to improve sustainability in a food business
  • 28 Word templates to start setting up your Sustainability Program - includes audits, records, information etc - just add your own logo and make any changes you need to tailor them to suit you.
  • A Fact Sheet template you can use for marketing to customers
  • A draft Sustainability Policy - can be used on your website, corporate documents or marketing. Just add your logo and make changes as needed to suit your business.

To Top Ten Sustainability Pack is valued at over $2750 and the investment is only $997.

Once the assessment is complete and you have made the investment in sustainability, the templates, drafts, Powerpoint, video and ebooks will be emailed directly to you.

With just a few adjustments to tailor the documents, you can have a full sustainability program specific to your business within hours.

The investment for the assessment and all these program starting tools and documents is only $997 - but remember my offer and guarantee, if during your Sustainability Assessment I do not find at 10 things you can do to become sustainable in your business, you pay nothing for the assessment and the report (valued at $1000).  It is NO RISK.

Two Fried Eggs Served with Steak and Toast

Sign up today for this no risk sustainability assessment which will improve your business and it's future by clicking right here

I will email you one of my Top Ten Sheets as a thank you for signing up  - this one will help you get staff involved as it is the "Top Ten Things we can all do to help the environment".  You can put it up on the wall, send it to clients, use it for marketing, put it in the newsletter etc etc

You keep this gift even if you choose not to have the assessment done or to invest in the Top Ten Sustainability Pack.

So if you want to save or even make money, increase profits, increase sales, improve staff productivity, increase staff retention, reduce waste, improve business reputation or simply help the environment and get your free gift, sign up today for your business Sustainability Assessment here.



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