I would like to thank Rachelle for her service over the years and look forward to continuing the association with her company for many years. Rachelle has done our food safety for the past 6-8 years at Trinder, what a great job she has done in that time, every year the syllabus changes, thus keeping people interested the course each year as well.


Rachelle also has taken a keen interest in our business as well, Rachelle will always come in a little and wonder about and chat to staff to see how there going and if there is anything they would like to discuss and is happy to spend time with to help them over a problem. The advice given is always reliable and precise, her classes are always very interesting and our staff love to see her every year and dare I say the look forward to seeing her.


I would like to thank Rachelle for her effort over the years and for what she will do for us into the future.

Greg Svoboda, Hotel Services Manager - Trinder Park Rest Home