Monthly Archives: May 2013

Foodie Friday – when is a week not just a week?

Two weeks ago, it was Allergy Awareness Week. The second week in November is Australian Food Safety Week. Last week was Law Week in Queensland. There are weeks for just about everything now, so do the messages get lost because of the sheer amount of them? I’d have to be honest and say that like…
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Foodie Friday – Food waste, it really depends upon where you are

Came across a really interesting article. It has a series of photos that show all the food that a family has bought for use in just one week. It shows the amazing difference between cultures and incomes. The difference between the USA and Chad is like night and day. It also clearly shows the difference…
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Food allergens – what are they?

May is my Food Allergen Month and so there are a series of allergen related articles on my site. The first is a simple breakdown of what a food allergen is and which foods are considered as allergens in Australia, as well as why they are an issue for all of us. Thene there is…
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