Monthly Archives: February 2015

Five ways to change staff habits – No 3

So why do I want to change staff habits? What good will it do me, them or the business? Why would I bother? The answer is simple - a happy workplace is a more productive business with increased sales and profits. In the second of this series we worked out the important question of "what's…
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Five ways to improve staff habits – number two

In the first in this series of Five Ways to improve staff habits, I  showed how you first need to work out what the exact problem is. Today we're going to have a look at the second way to improve staff habits in your workplace - what habit needs to change? Method Two - where…
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Five ways to improve habits in your workplace

Why would a business want to improve the habits of it's staff? A recent study done at Curtin University has shown that a group of people were able to make microwaving their dishcloth daily a habit. How did they did they do that? They gave them a poster initially, and then every three days they sent each…
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