So how much risk can a contamination really be?

Today an article appeared in The Sun in the UK about a KFC store where a customer recently bought a crumbed and then deep fried cleaning cloth.

Understandably the customer is more than a little angry.

In itself, this anger is bad enough as, we all know, unhappy customers talk to a lot of people about their bad experience and this can have dramatic effects on future sales and the business reputation in the long term.

The real problem now is that with nearly everyone talking to others all over the world through social media, this has now become a problem for not only that one store, but the whole of KFC in the UK , as well the impact it will have on every KFC around the world.

So how much of a risk can a contamination be?

In the past it had the power to shut down a single business, now it can dramatically change the fortunes of an entire multinational chain.

So the solution is?

Have good food safety controls, regardless of whether your business needs the higher level of a food safety program or not. Make sure that your staff understand that it is not  just the business's responsibility to ensure food safety, but theirs personally as well. Make sure you have good training and follow up.  Make food safety a part of the culture and the way everyone just is.

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