Don’t just clean – do it properly

I was at a client’s business today doing an unscheduled housekeeping audit.

As you would expect I run my hand across the top of ovens and hoods etc  to check that they have been propoerly cleaned as part of that. Today however I didn’t need to because I could see across the top of an oven (just, as I am average height) and was astounded by what I saw.

I could clearly see where the staff member had reached up and wiped the top surface but had only reached about 3/4 of the way across and then left it like that. You could clearly see where the reach of their arm had gone by the clean area.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you could easily reach the back of the oven top from the side, but it had not been done!!!

Cleaning is a serious issue and a vital control for food safety. It must be done properly every single time. Only going as far as you can reach, is simply not good enough.

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