So when is too much too much

So if the instructions on the cleaning chemical says to use a certain amount, then it does a much better job if you add more, right???

Well, let's look at that;

  • Using more will mean that each cleaning task will cost more proportionally
  • Using more will mean that you have to buy that chemical more often
  • Using more each time you clean means that more is going down the drain every time and in total.
  • Using more means that the business may well have to pay more for trade waste costs, to remove it from the water.
  • Using more has been found to not clean any better in tests done by the suppliers

So is it better to use more chemical than the label says to - the answer is obviously NO.

So why do staff still do it? It is just that they don't understand that this practice is bad for the finances and for the environment.

So how do you stop this slow and steady  excess cost to the business. Training and having a dilution system in place that automatically dispenses the correct amount every time.

All good cleaning chemical companies have auto dispensing systems and  they are usually always supplied for free when your business uses their chemicals.

So why do any food businesses continue to allow staff to measure the chemicals manually? Mostly it is because they either don't realise that this is available or they think it is going to cost them a lot of money to install.

There are many other ways to ensure that food safety is being met whilst saving money in a food business and, as bonus, help the environment.

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