Big food safety changes are happening

It sure is a busy time in terms of food safety in Australia.

As of May, allergen labelling must now include Lupin. Interestingly, this newly recognized food allergen in Australia, is only became a problem on a large scale since it has been used as a replacement for wheat based flours and products, as it does not contain gluten. So in avoiding one food allergen, we have established another. Makes you wonder what else is coming?

In New South Wales, those  businesses selling food to the public, which has been made in a domestic kitchen will have to be notify their local council, as of 01 July, that they are doing so, and then must meet the relevant parts of the Food Safety Standards. They will be regulated by the local council.

The really big change hitting us all on 01 July is compulsory Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) on packaged foods. This component of food labelling will no longer be under the jurisdiction of the Food Standard Code and now becomes the responsibility of ASIC. There are specific requirements which need to met and the best information can be found at


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