Has Food Safety training helped change Australians laid back attitude when it comes to Food Safety?

Australians are often referred to as being 'laid back' with a 'no worries' attitude towards life and I was wondering if this is reflected in the way we think about food?

According to government statistics the number of Australians struck down by food poisoning had leapt almost 80 per cent in a decade.*

BUT there seems to be change in the way that Australians are approaching Food Safety!

In the decade to 2011, the number of Australians affected by food-borne gastroenteritis increased 79 per cent, according to figures from OzFoodNet, the national food-borne disease monitoring network. In 2011, 150 outbreaks affected 2241 people compared with 86 affecting 1768 people in 2001. *

The rate of hospitalisation had trebled since 2001 but OzFoodNet claims that from 2011 to 2013 the estimated number of food poisoning cases has actually dropped to around 4 million per year from the previous figure of 5.4 million.

I would love to hear your opinions as to why Australia's Food Poisoning rates have decreased in the manner they have and if you have any solutions or suggestions as to how we can continue to improve the way we deal with Food Safety issues in this country!

Over to you folks!!

Guest Blog by Brendan at www.traintogain.com.au

* Goodfood Magazine, 'Food poisoning on the rise' by Inga Ting, March 4, 2014

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