It is all in the words

I recently saw an ad on TV for a new perfume. It is called “Si”, which means yes in Spanish. The ad features Cate Blanchett and is just beautiful.

The problem is that as soon as I saw it I was  stuck by something that just seemed wrong. In Mandarin the word “Si” means death when pronounced a specific way.

So a huge perfume company has called their new perfume a word which will effectively stop a large percentage of the world’s female population from buying it. Is that a massive mistake or what? Whoever came up with that name sure did not do their homework.

It really highlights how a word may mean one thing to one person and something completely different to someone else. This is a lesson all food businesses should pay attention to.

It is not only important to use words that are clearly understood and true on our product labelling to ensure that our customers can make informed decisions about purchase,  but also when we are communicating with all of our business’s stakeholders.

It is a really important food safety and sustainability issue and must never ever be taken lightly.

When training staff or putting a food safety program in place or implementing sustainability into a business, the words that are used are vital to ensure all understand.

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