So what does this Trans Pacific Partnership actually mean to our food and food industry?

The Australian government is looking to sign a Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) with other countries, including the United States, Japan and New Zealand.

The TPP would open new trade and investment opportunities for Australia in the Asia-Pacific region, which will change the way we trade with one of the world's largest economies.

Do you think this will have an affect on the level of food standards in Australia??

For example, there are different rules concerning Food Safety in America, will this lead to a change in how we deal with food here??

David Adamson, from the University of Queensland, says any change would put Australia's reputation for clean, green and safe food exports at risk.

"It covers anything from our production additives for beef production, livestock production...all the way through to the chemicals we're allowed to use on the farm, which currently we don't have registered here," he said.

It is an interesting question, can we as a nation be sure that our Food Standards are being kept as high as they can be when we enter into Trade agreements with other countries?

I'd love to hear what you think!

Guest Post by Brendan fro Train to Gain.

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