“Warning warning Will Robinson” – they are watching (and watching you closely)

Many would not remember a show on TV back in the seventies about  the Robinson family and their robot which had gotten "Lost in Space". The robot was a key part of the story and if there was an emergency would yell out Warning warning Will Robinson" (the father in the story).

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So why am I quoting a famous line from a 40 year old TV program?

The reason is simple - with all the food poisonings that have been happening in Australia over the last couple of months, you have now been warned that your business, it's staff  and your product are being watched by the public - even more so right now that usually.

And they are watching very closely.

Any little thing now is going to be noticed, be all over the internet in minutes and is likely to get your business in very very big trouble.

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Some examples of recent food poisoning events

Newspaper quotes like these have been appearing over the last few years about food poisoning outbreaks -

RESTAURANT CLOSED  (Deep fried ice cream suspected of causing Salmonella food poisoning)

Four people have potentially deadly fish poisoning after eating tuna salad sold at a Sydney café

“Worst food poisoning outbreak in NSW” leads to $42000 fine

$12,000 fine over Sydney food poisoning case

Food poisoning outbreak hits 50

Brisbane eatery fined over food poisoning

One dead, 200 ill after Salmonella outbreak linked to Melbourne Cup functions

So what are you doing to make sure that your business doesn't end up as the subject of any similar media quotes?


So let's look at another recent food safety related quote;

Risk of food poisoning can be reduced by mandatory training and publicised inspections (Dr Doug Powell  - Courier Mail March 2015)

So do you have food safety training?

Do you have mandatory staff food safety training and do you make sure it is refreshed at least annually? Because if you don't, then could you putting your business at risk of being in a headline?

I know that sounds heavy, but people often think that they can do at work in a food business what they do at home and also people fall into bad habits quickly.

Can you be  sure that your staff are doing the right thing every time and that the public can see it?

Can you be absolutely sure? Would you bet your business on it?

Training and monitoring is the only real defence and protection.

You can certainly train your staff yourself, but I have found time and again that staff tend to listen to someone from outside the organisation better than they do the person inside the business.

Food Safety Training Group at Caddies Sept 2012So ask yourself, what is your customer seeing right now, and is it what you want them to see?

Remember this, at the end of the day, it does not matter how good your system is and what great equipment you have, your business's food safety is in the hands of your staff.

Are you sure they are always doing the right thing?

So like the Robinson's robot says "warning warning"!!!!!!!!

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If you want food safety training done professionally and tailored to your specific business needs, you need to give me a call on 07 5544 3220 or email at anyi@howsafeisyourfood.com.au

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