The Food Safety Guide


The Food Safety Guide is a series of 10 food safety related eBooks bundled together to assist any food business meet it’s legal and business food safety requirements.


The Food Safety Guide is a bundle of 10 of my food safety eBooks at a 40% discount on buying each eBook individually.

The Guide includes the following;

  • The Temperature Control Guide - calibration, danger zone, 2/4 hour rule, thermometers, records and everything else a food business needs to ensure it's temperatures are controlled
  • The Food Business Cleaning Guide - everything any food business or group needs to set up a suitable cleaning program.
  • Ten tips for handling allergens in a food business - these are the ten issues that food businesses must have inmplace to ensure allergenns are controlled
  • So what is your supplier sending you? - all the processes your business needs to ensure that your materials are safe and suitable
  • Nine issues to consider when labelling -Prepackaged food requires labelling and this eBook shows you how.
  • The Stock Rotation Guide - Use by date, Best Before, Baked on, Date Coding, FIFO, traceability and much more explained
  • The Hygiene Handbook - personal hygiene, business hygiene, contamination and it's controls, cross contamination and how to manage them
  • So which food safety program do I need? - not sure what program you may need - this guide explains it all and helps you work it out.
  • The Food Safety Supports - this eBook explains what support programs every business needs to ensure that food safety works.
  • What is your CoPacker sending out for you? - this is the guide for any business whaich has another making their product or are thinking about doing it.

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