Reduce before you replace

Yesterday I received my next power bill and, once again I am in credit, so do not need to pay anything.

In this time of rapidly increasing electricity costs, I am a happy person.

Why am I so happy - it's simple, I have dramtically reduced my electricity usage and then put in solar electricity generation at the right time and place.

I have a usage of less than 4 kWh per day and my bill says that for a household like mine, it should be around 10 on average. By reducing my usage both from my business and in my home, I can keep the amount of kilowatts I am using down and this reduces my bill.

The following are some of the ways that I have reduced my electricity usage;

  • Using only Compact Fluorescent Lighting
  • Only one light on at a time
  • Only having lights on in the room I am in
  • Turning equipment off at the wall when it is not in use
  • Turning off the printer if I am not using it whilst working
  • Wearing warm clothes in winter so I do not need to use my heater
  • Opening all my windows in summer to encourage breeze and stop using my air conditioner
  • Making sure all walls and ceilings are insulated means no need to use heaters or air conditioners
  • One shared combo printer, so less equipment in use
  • Only purchasing equipment with the best energy rating
  • Having solar hot water

It is not that hard to reduce your electricity usage with relatively little expense and the long term benefit is reduced electricty bills. This all means I am buying less from my energy provider and therefore paying less - also helping the environment at the same time.

There is absolutely no point in either a home or a business simply putting in solar or some other alternate electricity source, without first reducing their usage.

So what can you do to reduce your electricity usage? Let us know at my Facebook page -

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