Rubbish in Rubbish out.

It doesn't matter how good your systems are or how fabulous your equipment is, if you are using poor quality ingredients or packaging, you will be struggling to produce a really good quality final product.

We all know that cost is everything, or at least that is how we have thought in the past. The cheapest ingredient or packaging that we can get away with is usually what we use. This is because we have been trying to make a profit, and keeping all costs down has been a key way to do that.

Now we have to think beyond that, cost is no longer king.

Now we need to be working closely with our suppliers to ensure that we not only get the best possible price but the least environmental impact and the best opportunities to show that we are community minded and have a social conscious.

To do this we need to have a much closer working relationship with our suppliers. Supplier Control is now so much bigger and important than it ever was. To get the best out of it for both parties, this relationship has to start at product or recipe development.

The Packaging Covenant is now a fact of life for all food companies and meeting the requirement of ownership of the packaging material from inception to the customer throwing it away and beyond, now means that more is needed from the supplier relationship.

Customers are now looking to see what sort of environmental impact your product makes, they no longer use the price as the primary purchase decider. You need to know what happened to all parts of your product from when each ingredient and packaging material was produced to how it was transported and stored and then how you used it. It is only this sort of information that will help you determine the carbon Footprint of your product. Only a good relationship with your suppliers will help you achieve this.

The computer phrase of rubbish in rubbish out has never been truer when it comes to food businesses. Price can no longer be the only factor used when determining which ingredient or packaging  to use, quality has always been important and now you need to know everything there is to know about the material before making that decision.

If you want a hand in working out how much of an impact each of your ingredients or packaging materials is making to your product's environmental impact, get in touch at


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