1. The Sustainability Assessment and Report - valued at more than $1000
  2. 10 ebooks with multiple step by step methods for improving sustainability - valued at more than $200
  3. Templates for all the basic sustainability documents a food business will need, which can be branded with your logo and used as is or modified as needed to suit your business - valued at a minimum of $1500
  4. A video which can be used to train your staff in sustainability - your training is taken care of and a draft Training Record is included in the Pack so you have a record of their attendance - valued at $500
  5. A draft of a Sustainability Policy - which you can brand with your logo and modify to suit your specific business. It can then be used on your website, in corporate documents and in marketing - this has no calculable value as it will generate sales for your business and each business is unique
  6. A draft Sustainability Fact Sheet - which can be tailored by you and then used  to explain to customers, staff , shareholders and suppliers what your sustainability program is and why you are doing it - valued at $50

The Top Ten Sustainability Pack is valued at more than $2750 and you will pay the low price of $997, and only if we find more than 10 ways to help your business improve it's sustainability.

You will save more than the low price of only $997 for this Pack through the methods we find for you.

It is simply a win win for you and your business - you will get at least $1000 in value just for having a sustainability assessment done on your business and we will give you a gift just for contacting us.

            FREE GIFT Just for contacting us, we would like to give you our Top Ten Sustainability Fact Sheet - you can use it right now to give to your customers or even staff as a gift. It will make your business look good.

Product Price  
Top Ten Sustainability Pack 997
Total 997  

GUARANTEE If we cannot find 10 ways that your business can;

make money,

save money,

improve productivity,

increase sales,

increase profits,

improve staff retention,

improve business reputation

or simply help the environment,

You keep the Assessment Report (valued at more than $1000) and pay NOTHING.

Yes, the assessment and report  (valued at more than $1000) will be yours for FREE, if we do not find 10 ways to improve your businesses sustainability.

So click below right now for the No RISK Sustainability Assessment of your business, you will only be invoiced if we find 11 or more ways to improve the sustainability of your business.

Click below now to improve your business.

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